Model for Us

Curves and Cream is looking for amateur female models 18 – any age to feature on our site.

At this time we are only accepting female models.

If you would like to get into the adult industry Curves and Cream is a great place to start. Many of our models have started their careers here, and gone on to have great success in the industry. We have many adult industry contacts all over the United States and we can help give you a great start.


Behind on the bills? Need to make that last minute payment? Are you a student with little cash flow? Want to get out of town on vacation and need some extra money? Solve those problems with a one-time shoot!

We offer a safe, fun professional work environment. We encourage models to continue to work for us as long as they wish. We like to establish long term business relationships with our models that will benefit them for a long time to come.

Click here right away to contact us!!

Be sure to include your age, location by city/state,country and any experience and some recent pictures for review.

Women: looking for all shapes and sizes ages 18-any age.

About our Photo and Video work:

What’s the “Curves”?

We love girls with big boobs and round butts, it’s as simple as that. Our cameras love capturing the curves you beautiful girls have, so working with us is the time to show them off! Do you have to be curvy to work with us? Of course not. Believe it- We will bring out the curves in every girl.

What’s the “Cream”?

Well, it can either be oil, lotion, whipped cream or… wait for it… Cum. Yes, we love getting our models all slick and sticky, it really highlights their curves 🙂 One side of our business is girls getting “creamed” (Facials etc.), but that is absolutely not expected of every model.

What types of Photos do you do?

Basically from just topless all the way to “adult”. We do some clothed and implied, but for that the model has to be exceptional. Otherwise we love taking a model from cute clothes and tight tops to at least topless and usually nude. We only want you to do what you are comfortable with.

What types of Video do you do?

Quite a bit. Much like the photos, we love shooting videos of curvy girls and their assets. In terms of Softcore we do: Strip Tease, Boob play, Breast massage. We also go into hardcore which has a variety of options. We can progress from the Softcore ideas into Oral, various types of Titfucking, Hot Dogging (A wiener between your buns, no penetration!), or Hand Jobs. We like to end with facials, cum on tits or cum on butt. Honestly we don’t do a lot of penetration, we love all the sexy alternatives that make use of the girls Curves that in turn make us Cream. In certain cases we do go all the way, but as always- Only with a model that is comfortable with it.

Some misconceptions about the job:

Many people believe they will make thousands of dollars per scene. This is not normally possible unless you are a big name star. However, you can make a lot more money per scene than you might realize. Especially, if you are on time and professional.

We only accept thin girls with big chests. Not true! While we do work with plenty of models that fit that description, we are by no means limited to that in our scope. We LOVE curvy girls! We meant it when we said “All Shapes and Sizes” above! As long as you have a great attitude, and just love being sexy for the camera, then we want you!

Worried about “getting caught” by someone you know? Well, with 90,000+ adult sites on the net, chances of this happening are slim to none. We certainly can’t guarantee someone won’t recognize you, but realize this: we’ve been doing this now for years… we’ve evaluated thousands of adult sites and not once have we been able to ID anyone we’ve known from school, the community, or the workplace. The few times we’ve heard of this sort of thing happening to one of our actors, it’s been them… bragging to someone about a job they’ve done.

Curves and Cream only works in clean, safe environments. We’re not creepy perverts, operating from a van down by the river. We book hotels rooms all across the country, as well as studios in just about every state. We value your comfort while working for us, and won’t ask you to do anything you don’t want to do.. It’s really safe and actually fun! You can even ask some of our past models! Believe us- you will be worshiped on camera!

No big production crew on site… Just you and Steve or Elijah, a very private experience. No, there won’t be 10 drooling guys waiting around to see a free peep-show.

What we require:

Of course you must be 18 years of age or older.
2 forms of ID are required the day of the shoot. One must be a state or government issued ID with a picture on it. The other can be anything with your name… anything from a social security card to a library card will work! Just make sure it has your name on it…make photocopies of these documents…just hit a kinkos really quick and lay them on the copier!

You’ll be required to sign a standard model release and age verification contract.

Fun, easy going attitudes. Please no druggies, drunks, or gangsta mentalities. We want your Curves and Cream experience to be a turn on for YOU, and that will show on camera!

Get ready to have fun and make money!

Click here right away to contact us!!

Be sure to include your age, location by city/state,country and any experience and some recent pictures for review.


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